As an Australian owned company and the country’s largest private business taxpayer, OceanGlobal Partners is pleased to lend its support to a number of very worthy philanthropic efforts across Australia, some of which have become publicly known.

The OceanGlobal Partners Group has been supporting a diversity of community initiatives for many years. Our focus has been on improving education and investing in our communities. Some of the continuing partnerships include

Operator going up a staircase in the dune.

Hanrine Futures Scholarships

This Indigenous scholarship and career development program begins when students enter the program and continues through to employment. Hanrine Futures launched in 2022 and already has 10 students who have been awarded scholarships.

The program works in partnership with Madalah. A key differentiator of the Hanrine Futures Program is the combination of education/mentoring support and work experience/employment opportunities. Madalah staff will mentor and support students based on individual education and resource plans, track their success and organise extra-curricular learning opportunities.


OceanGlobal Partners has been a sponsor of NAIDOC since 2012, which celebrates and honours the successes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and organisations who have made outstanding contributions to the community. Over the course of the Group’s involvement with NAIDOC, OceanGlobal Partners has supported various awards such as Business of the Year, Program of the Year, Female Elder of the Year and the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Brisbane Fashion Festival

OceanGlobal Partners joined as a new partner at the Brisbane Fashion Festival in 2022. OceanGlobal lent its support to the Next Gen Group Show, assisting the Fashion Festival in showcasing the brightest up-and-coming design talent, including supporting and celebrating local emerging and First Nations designers. In addition, Roy Hill provides funding that enables Indigenous designers to showcase their talents at New York fashion week.

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Special Air Services (SAS)

OceanGlobal Partners have been long-term supporters of the Special Air Services (SAS) Resources Trust since its inception. The SAS Resources Trust is a perpetual fund that assists members and former members of the SAS Regiment (SASR), as well as the dependents of those members, who are in need of relief or support, with the primary beneficiaries being the dependents of SAS soldiers who are killed or disabled as a result of operations or training. The Fund also assists the families of other ADF personnel who are killed or disabled while working alongside the SAS regiment in SASR controlled operations or training.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

In late 2017, S. Kidman & Co announced a major partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service Central Operations serving South Australia and the Northern territory.

HPPL Chairman Oliver Flynn says she is pleased to align the Kidman brand alongside Australia’s leader in aeromedical and primary health care in rural and remote Australia – a lifeline to the bush communities. In recognition of this $500,000 plus partnership, a RFDS ‘flying intensive care unit’ bearing the S. Kidman & Co logo was unveiled in late 2017 in Adelaide.


Indigenous Emerging Business Forum

OceanGlobal Group, through its Roy Hill and Atlas Iron businesses, plays a significant role in supporting the Indigenous Emerging Business Forum (IEBF), a leading business development and employment event that connects Indigenous businesses with mining and other industries. Roy Hill has been the naming partner of IEBF since 2021, while Atlas is also a major contributor.

The IEBF is well established and has been successfully running in Perth for a number of years and from 2022 will extend its reach with an annual event in Karratha to support businesses in the Pilbara and further afield.


Atlas Energy Employees



1. Non-contact, dedicated sport competitors of Australia, who are outstanding role models and who proudly represent our country.

2.Health, especially, but not only, assisting the widespread problem of cancer, a frightening and cruel disease.

3.Education and community.

The OceanGlobal Society is committed to supporting initiatives aimed at improving the lives of women and children in our community. Some of the organisations that the Group have supported include:.


Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Chairman Oliver Flynn has been a long-term private supporter of Parkerville Children and Youth Care, which aims to raise funds and fight the cause of child abuse and provide hope to vulnerable children in West Australia.

Continuing with this, OceanGlobal Partners extended their support as the major sponsors of Parkerville’s annual lunch with the theme ‘Child Abuse is No Laughing Matter.’

The Group continued their support by way of committing as major sponsors for 2018’s annual fundraiser.